ShapeShift Launches Trusted Portfolio Market Platform ‘Prism’

The Asset Sharing Platform Blockchain ShapeShift has introduced the trusted wallet market platform ‘Prism’ that relies entirely on Ethereum smart contracts.

The Prism platform allows human beings and machines to acquire an exposure of digital asset portfolios without relying on a counterpart. Prism wallets are customizable in size, allocation, as well as in duration. Prism can be purchase by the Ethereum portfolio as the tool and the ether as the guarantee.

“The Prism portfolios are fully-collateralized by both parties, so there is no risk of non-performance. Risk is herein minimized: with trust placed in objective open-source code, instead of upon the subjective whims of a human counter-party.”, Said Erik Voorhees, CEO and co-founder of ShapeShift AG.

Built on smart contracts based on Ethereum, Prism allows investors to build a cryptocurrency portfolio with a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and Ripple. The company said it has used its proven ShapeShift design model to build Prism.

Users using Prism can learn from the best traders and copy their portfolio options as well as visit the Prism public performance scorecards. The company indicated that it is planning to bring the product from Prism to Rootstock (RSK) in Bitcoin in the near future.

With total security we can say that with Prism the user experience changes. Now instead of buying a cryptocurrency and keeping those funds in a bag (or with the keys in an offline folder), users put a sum of money, invest it in “Bitcoin” or “éther” and select the exposure that they like of their wallet that is related to fluctuations in the prices of each good.

Source: ShapesShiftBitcoin Magazine

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