The NSA May Be Behind The Recent Massive Cyberattack

On Friday, May 12, Wanacryptor 2.0 (Wannacry) ransomware began to spread like wildfire through thousands of computers worldwide. In the past two days, Wannacry has claimed more than 223,000 victims using Windows operating systems through a surported operation of the National Security Agency (NSA) called an SMB worm.

The National Security Agency (NSA) is an intelligence agency of the United States Government that handles everything related to information security.

According to several reports from security groups and technology publications, Wannacry malware has spread to more than 223,000 infections worldwide. It is assumed that the ransomware uses a protocol called an SMB worm that is claimed to be a modified version of the “Eternal Blue NSA” exploit filtered by shadow runners. This weekend Microsoft has released another set of patches to fix the operating systems XP and Windows 8, since it had previously published a patch for other versions last March.

There are currently some online methods of security organizations and antivirus services that offer ways to remove Wannacry from a computer. Experts believe that these removal procedures and newly released patches for older Windows operating systems should limit infections to a minimum. However, it is currently impossible to decrypt the files, as there is no decryption tool available to the Wannacry public so far.

Several security experts say this type of malware may be infecting systems so quickly because of another exploit allegedly crafted by the NSA and filtered by Shadow’s agents. Security professionals such as CERT Spain say not only that a modified version of Eternal Blue is used, but that another NSA protocol called “Double Pulsar” has been detected and acts as a “malware loader”.

In addition, last April the Shadow Brokers had warned the bureaucrats that there was more to come after they had leaked a new batch of exploits claiming to be tied to the NSA. “Who knows what we’ll have next time,” explained the anonymous group.

So far, the group has released five separate Internet-based leaks that contained zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities against corporate networks and Windows operating systems. The group claims that protocols were built by the NSA and the Office of Custom Access Operations. There are theories at the time that the Shadow Brokers may be linked to an NSA whistleblower like Edward Snowden, but these reports remain unproven.

This is because Snowden, a CIA analyst, blamed the NSA for the massive cyber attack through its Twitter account.

“The NSA’s decision to create attack tools targeting US software now threatens the lives of patients in hospitals,” he said.

Most media have focused their attention on the NSA, and there have not been many shots in the bitcoin reputation, which is a positive result. Some skeptics believed that the fall in prices, which coincidentally occurred around the same time, may have been attributed to malware attacks. However, most proponents of bitcoin thought there was no connection since the price was due to a healthy correction anyway after reaching historic levels.

What has caused the most commotion for most people around the world is that the tools being released are likely to be connected to government entities. These feats show the possibility that the NSA has more back doors and monitoring in our software than we could have imagined.


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