The company dedicated to the development of videogames Everdreamsoft in association with All 4 Games, have launched a game based on blockchain, called Spells of Genesis, the information was supplied by means of a statement that both companies published, in which they also affirm that the game will take advantage of The bitcoin chain to allow users to store cards in it.

The game is a mix of strategic card games with the influence of old school arcade. Players collect cards and use them to destroy enemy cards. The graphics are interesting and create a convivial environment around the game, the most intriguing part of the game is the fact that users can store cards where blockchain technology is applied.

“Spells of Genesis is a mobile game that is a mix of a trading card game (TCG), bringing in deck collection and strategy, along with arcade-style gaming aspects. The game is based on blockchain technology, which is also the main source of inspiration for the story line.Web of the game.

“There has been a positive response to the game, with Tyson O’Ham, video game writer and reviewer at The Stones Gamer, saying that Spells of Genesis offers content that gives people a reason to stay with the game. According to the press release, the game’s developers consider this replayability key to the game’s mainstream adoption.”

Genesis Spells The first mobile game based on Blockchain, it combines the collection and strategic aspects of the Card Games (TCG) with an intuitive battle system typical of Arcade games, players need to collect the cards and combine them to create the deck Stronger to fight against their enemies. The combination of an easy and intuitive gameplay and a deep strategy has already attracted numerous players.

About EverdreamSoft

It is a Swiss company specialized in the development of games and mobile applications. EverdreamSoft explores current and future technologies and their possible application in the entertainment world.

With its flagship game, Spells of Genesis, EDS is the pioneer of “real property” of its players’ digital assets, while building a basis for blockchain integration into the games. The company is also developing a Blockchain Gaming Platform, which will allow more games studios to embrace blockchain technology and to enter a new era for the gaming industry.

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