Las Vegas Strip Club Aims to Use Cryptocurrency for Daily Operations

Every day the adoption of bitcoin increases thanks to the great popularity it has gained. The nightwear industry for men has not lagged behind, recently unveiled a Las Vegas-based business called the Legends Room strip club that will soon be using and receiving Cryptocurrencies for its day-to-day operations.

The owner of The Legends Room, Nick Blomgren, explains that his club seeks to catch the attention of technology enthusiasts. This gentlemen’s club opens at the end of May and plans to accept bitcoin for services such as private dances and drinks.

The establishment has a bitcoin ATM in the lobby. In addition, last month, The Legends Room created its own Cryptocurrency (LGD) built on Ethereum and this also has its own digital wallet. Users will be able to purchase bitcoin from the lobby cashier and purchase LGD chips that provide members with VIP access.

Peter Klamka, a cryptocurrency specialist, says he has been helping to move the stripper’s daily operations into the digital currency world. Klamka believes that the addition of bitcoins, a LGD VIP token and QR codes to the strip club repertoire will add some unique experiences to Legends Club members and dancers.

The VIP membership can only be purchased with LGD tokens gives members private access to an area created for celebrities and famous athletes. Klamka reports that Las Vegas is the perfect place to use the emerging cryptocurrencies for faster payouts and additional privacy.

Cryptocurrencies are the new form of money, the money of the future and the best way to innovate in the businesses of inaugurating establishments totally updated to the technological advances, using popular currencies like Bitcoin or creating exclusive cryptocurrencies like LGD.


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