Poland Will Host The First Futuretech Congress

In order to create a neutral platform where you can share ideas and experiences of companies and institutions that have an impact on the way in which sectors of the economy grow, the Futuretech Congress was created, which will be held on the next 24 Of May of this year, in the city of Warszawa, Poland, the breadth of the cases that will be presented at the congress will allow groups of studies to be created which will seek to conclude what the market trends are, besides helping with education of the sectors that are prepared to adapt to the demands of the digital revolution.

Through advisors and a large project ambassadors’ network, the creation of a suitable environment for the formation of business alliances will be guaranteed, the implementation of new models will create new business models, different models of research projects will be presented , which will contribute to the formation of highly profitable plans and products, which in turn leads to the growth of the economies operating in that European sector. The FutureTech Congress is an event that consists of exposing simultaneous projects such as: The FinTech Digital Congress of and InsurTech Digital Congress.

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