BitMain Sues Canadian Company for Failing to Meet its Contractual Obligations.

CBC News, reported in a report b BitMain, that the company has sued in the Canadian justice to a data center of the same country for not fulfilling its contractual responsibilities, nevertheless, the company that takes by name Great North Data Indicates in his defense that the mining company is the real responsible of all the problems that have been presenting.

The legal dispute between these two companies is very complex as the Canadian company received about $ 1 million in government funds to expand its operations in data centers. This attracted the attention of Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer. Both parties reached an agreement, and the problems arose from the first day. Since then, both parties have been involved in a legal battle.

Great North Data claims that the company of Chinese origin, BitMain, can not stand the end of negotiations, however, BitMain, indicates that the Canadian company has been involved in problems from the beginning, both companies have filed documents to somehow avoid accusations, in some of them it is specified that the company Great North Data since 2016 has been having financial problems. The law firm of this company announced that they have been carrying out operations without any problem. The company has signed an agreement with BitMain to house its mining equipment. However, BitMain Technologies lawyer affirms that there is no update on the state of the equipment of mining. He also confirmed that Great North Data no longer offers lodging for the Chinese company.

Other evidence provided by both parties indicates that Great North Data informed BitMain Technologies about financing problems. They even asked the Chinese company to pay in advance for three months to complete the project. The $ 330,000 payment eventually changed hands in the third quarter of 2016. However, new financial problems became evident soon after, which led to this legal battle.

About Great North Data:

Great North Data specializes in hosting high-density hardware that requires substantial access for both power and cooling. It has obtained contracts that provide green hydroelectricity to one of the lowest prices in the world. Many data centers use inefficient air conditioning systems to provide refrigeration that carry large costs to their customers. The specifically designed HVAC system is much more cost effective and with its low power footprint, eco-friendly. Our low overhead costs allow us to offer customers the industry leading prices to keep their baseline in check.

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