Startupbootcamp Launches First African Fintech Accelerator

Startupbootcamp, a leading Fintech accelerator focused on financial innovation, announced the launch of its new acceleration program being launched in Cape Town.

The global group focused on the accelerator industry is mounting its footing in Africa after the completion of 18 programs in 13 countries. More requests for new Fintech companies are now accepted to be part of the 3-month intensive support program to be executed in Cape Town.

Zach George, co-MD of the Cape Town program, stated:

“We are thrilled that for the very first time in Africa, a comprehensive integrated program exists to provide corporations across multiple industries the ability to engage directly with innovative technology-focused ventures, establish commercial engagements and explore direct investment opportunities”.

Startupbootcamp’s launch in Cape Town follows a trend analysis where 161 applications were found for the global program that originated from African teams in the year 2016. The Fintech accelerator points to the source of scalable technological solutions that are applicable to diversified financial services.

The new companies selected will have the opportunity to connect with the dynamic company in order to collaborate and build the technology ecosystem of Africa. Startupbootcamp will bring a network of expert mentors and renowned industry entrepreneurs and leading players in banking, insurance, consulting, leasing, and technology as founding partners.

Ten of the most promising startups will be selected and each will receive € 15,000 more than 100 highly committed mentors from the Fintech, Insurtech and Regtech industries in the free space charge, and with access to finance and a network of industry partners, investors and venture capital companies.

“We are very excited to be part of Startupbootcamp’s first foray into Africa. Our clients recognize the disruption potential of fintechs and other startups, and we are helping many of them to harness the opportunities arising from this. Startupbootcamp provides a great way for the industry incumbents to connect to startups, and to learn about their impact.”, said Paul Mitchell, lead Fintech for PwC South Africa.

The three-month accelerator will start in September 2017 and new companies from all over the world are invited to present their ideas to the Startupbootcamp team in a series of days between May and July 2017.

Source: Disrupt

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