Exchange Building Will jointly Organize Workshop on Blockchain

The Exchange Building located in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, announced that it will be spearheading a blockchain technology workshop on May 15-16, 2017, in collaboration with the FedEx Institute of Technology.

The aim of the course is to introduce the revolutionary blockchain concept as well as to foster collaboration and investment. Course participants will gain in-depth knowledge of financial markets and instruments, a unique opportunity to explore new technology and learn more about the crypto-economics ecosystem.

According to Eric Matthews, Founder and CEO of Startco in Memphis, Building an Exchange has been a major factor in the blockchain ecosystem boot technology. Matthews has said that more than 20 new companies have taken advantage of the stock exchange facilities in recent years.

This global blockchain concept resonates with emerging markets that are competing to attract foreign investment. By making the blockchain technology course to foreign markets, the Exchange can facilitate transparent and legitimate transactions that are conducted in an ethical manner that will help build stable exchange rates in countries with volatile markets.

Memphis is a place with a long history of pioneering innovations that change the way the world does business. The Exchange Project that Gulam and Sardor Umarov are spearheading has all the signs of being another major Memphis-made innovation.” concluded Cody Behles, manager of Innovation and Research Support for the FedEx Institute of Technology.

Tickets are already open for the blockchain course and are priced at $ 500.

Source: PR NewswireMemphis

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