SFBC Will Launch Blockchain-based Social Center

The Blockchain Collective in San Francisco will be holding its Genesis launch event at Minna Gallery on April 14 featuring cryptographers, Bitcoin enthusiasts/cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians. Genesis is a social hub for entrepreneurs in Blockchain and the cryptocurrency space based in San Francisco. It brings together subcultures in arts, technology and entrepreneurship to collaborate, work and bring visionary ideas to life.

Gee Sivalingam, Founder of Genesis says: 

“SF Blockchain Collective is announcing the launch of Genesis, a social hub for entrepreneurs in Blockchain and the cryptography space. We look forward to promoting the new digital/crypto-economic discussion at the event and beyond.” The gallery will feature art exhibitions, several companies present as well as music from San Francisco DJs Vedda, DJ Seven and Leemone Young. The event aims to further stimulate conversations related to cryptocurrency within this technology-art-meetings environment.

The objective of the Collective is to create modern, autonomous and decentralized organizations that nurture artists, entrepreneurs and technologists. Using blockchain as the primordial soil, Genesis intends to create a coherent symbiotic network of artists, entrepreneurs and futurists.

Sources: Meetup

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