First Global Credit Powers its Platform by Adding Bitcoin-backed German Stocks.

First Global Credit is the first financial company in the world that offers existing profit opportunities in the major markets within the reach of the holders of digital currency. With a presence in Geneva, London and Hong Kong, the company was founded by risk management specialist Gavin Smith and the director of financial data security company Marcie Terman. Smith and Terman lead a team with more than 35 years of collective experience in building and managing commercial and back office systems for top-tier trading companies and banks operating in London and Geneva.

The objective is to become a market leader in the capital market of Bitcoin by providing services that accept Bitcoin as a valuable asset that can be used to generate a return. They offer such services with a focus on customer service not usually found in digital currency companies. First Global is committed to helping its clients meet their financial goals for their digital currency wallets. Their systems are built with bank-grade technology and security and are located in Tier III financial grade data centers with failover capabilities. Their processes are designed to ensure the privacy of their customers along with the security of your assets.

First Global Credit has decided to revitalize its stock trading platform backed by Bitcoin, by adding shares to their platform, Bitcoin owners will have different options to generate income at their disposal. In addition to this has added, very quickly, new commercial markets to its platform in recent times. What makes Bitcoin taken into account by investors who want to diversify their trading wallets.

The addition of German equities to the platform makes First Global Credit more attractive. This also marks the second European market to be added to the stock trading platform backed by Bitcoin. A total of 30 different German stocks is now accessible, which is a fairly significant number. Given how FGC added more than 50 Hong Kong shares in February 2017, it is clear that the company is expanding aggressively.

First Global founder Marcie Terman added:

“The choice of what we offer bitcoin holders is key to the development of our business.” said Terman. “The cryptocurrency market has an appetite for choice. That is clear,” “It is also sensible to provide diversity because when you have such a broad choice of geography and company focus; tech, medical, entertainment, hospitality and gaming to name just a few, there is always price action somewhere on the platform.”

The platform does not focus on a single product, instead adopts a more open-minded approach. Developing a business model where limitations do not apply is more in line with how the bitcoin ecosystem itself operates. Moreover, First Global Credit is in a prime position to offer new products in a way other companies simply cannot.

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