Starbase Created to Revolutionize the Crowdfunding Market with Its Blockchain Offering.

It is important to note that in the era of shared economy, innovative projects no longer have to depend on institutional investors to raise the necessary funds. Therefore, if an idea is attractive enough for the general public, they can help make the project come true.

In this sense, the introduction of crowdfunding platforms as a means to support ideas is now possible. Most of these platforms are currently tied to traditional models. They trade in Fiat currencies and therefore limit their global reach. In this sense, Starbase is a crowdfunding platform which is based exclusively on the Blockchain, to circumvent territorial limitations.

Therefore, the crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform based on cryptocurrencies was founded by Tomoaki Sato, a blockchain engineer. The platform allows new companies and individual project creators to describe their ideas and the objectives of their new products, in order to raise funds from the several crytocurrencies communities. It is for this reason that Startbase supports a range of crytocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ethereum, among others, to facilitate both taxpayers and potential investors and project owners to send and receive transactions, including institutional investors, Venture capital firms, angel investors “initiators”, can become part of the Startbase community and invest in projects.

Therefore, the crytocurrencies community is a great objective for the fundraising, as well as the volatility of the digital currency, and the natural curiosity and affinity with the technology between the members who are more likely to support projects that can reach an objective previously agreed upon. In addition, crowdfunding projects based on crytocurrencies will allow anyone from anywhere to contribute to the project, taking into account equity, actions or rewards.

In this same vein, the Startbase initiative not only opens up the entire world to entrepreneurs to raise funds, but will also act as a strong validation mechanism for project creators to understand the needs of the community and to explore the existence of a market for them or not. Based on the history of the fundraising projects listed in Startbase, even major investors can measure the potential of the startup/product and decide whether to make large investments or not.

It is undeniable that the Startbase creators believe in blockchain as the “Internet of value” for the open innovation foundation to each individual. The transparency offered by a public blokchain makes Startbase even more attractive. In order to facilitate the development and adoption of the Startbase platform, its creators are organizing a crowdsale of their tokens “STAR tokens”, which will be helded starting in May 2017. The two-month Crowdsale will allow people to buy in the Platform and receive incentives in exchange for their support.

In this sense, the platform has a defined reward structure for STAR tokens holders. The crowdfunding platform gets a revenue like a token fee, the token issuance fee and the work pay fee. Startbase will share revenue from the token sales rate among all token holders, while revenues from the other two sources will be distributed after a period of one year after the initial launch.

Therefore, Startbase is preparing to take the crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and crowdinvesting market into the eye of the hurricane. Those who want to be part of the initiative have to wait until May this year. For the above described there are great possibilities to do good business. New announcements are expected.


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