Bitcoin Reaches its Highest Price in History.

Some countries have been slow accepting a reality that can offer new technologies, cryptocurrency made possible to take the first steps with the creation of cryptocurrencies, from the moment of the irruption in 2009, many things have happened, by one side, some countries want to make use of Blockchain technology, without accepting the cryptocurrency, bitcoin, the real thing is that these two elements form a single indivisible reality, therefore some bet on a private blockchain, without letting the cryptocurrency be part of the project and, according to the experts, the maximum use of the technology will not be achieved.

There are other countries that do not accept that users can get the freedom to choose, are the users that can affirm if a currency is accepted, or instead reject it because of uncertainty and mistrust, at the moment when the world economy is going through Stellar moments, people who have been able to discover that it is possible to get the family heritage can be protected by the cryptocurrency, have turned to its use and investment, governments have tried to root out the possibility that many users the Know, for this, they resort to its prohibition and the user’s response is that they seek it with greater force, statistics say, every day that passes its price rises and reaches historic highs.

The most palpable example is that on February 24 this year has reached a price never before seen $ 1,170, this breaks the record reached in the year 2013. These consecutive and sustained increases are shown since 2015, when it was $ 400. These responses are due to an environment of high uncertainty that are present in global markets, when there are financial crises, people seek safe havens and find it in Bitcoin.

For some, events that may make a difference come closer, this is that the US financial authority can approve the first Bitcoins-based Negotiable Fund (ETF), a request that was introduced three years ago by the Startup Exchange Gemini , Owned by the Winklevoss brothers.

It is mentioned that if the fund is approved, this action would attract the attention of a broad spectrum of investors globally, this is a study conducted by Needham & Company LLC, it is anticipated that the price of the cryptocurrency may reach $ 3,600 per For the first few days of March of this year, when the US State Institution regulating the Investment Funds is forced to issue its verdict, while this happens, the prices of the cryptocurrency rise, because there are A demand to buy to do good business.

It is important to note that the chances of a positive approval of the Winklevoss Brothers’ Investment Fund is 25% in terms of possibilities. Therefore, investors are confident in the future of bitcoin.

Likewise, the cryptocurrency has been driven by the lack of confidence generated by recent events such as the terrorist attacks in Berlin, the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the victory of Donald Trump and all its protectionist economic policy, there is a Tax burden that can be done on companies that do not change their companies within the US, is a panorama of high volatility of the world’s economy.

There are other crises which are happening, such as the problems in the finances of some banks in Italy and India, another ingredient is the weakness of the Yuan, which has lost a high percentage of its value against the US dollar. Adds a high value to the bitcoin cryptocurrency, the market will answer with daily rises. New announcements are expected.

Reference: El Tiempo

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