Bitcoin in Mexico Could Further Grow Thanks to LocalBitcoins.

The possibilities of Blockchain technology coupled with its Bitcoin criptocurrency is like the wide horizon and full of growth prospects, the limit is seen far away and grows every day of work and action, it is impressive the power of the knowledge of man When it is intended to seek the freedom to be able to build on the basis of innovation, that is why many people, workers, professionals, entrepreneurs, break their soul every day to complete their dreams, but the monetary policies of the countries take away their strength And hope, due inter alia to inflation.

For this reason, when a worker migrates looking for new horizons to neighboring countries leaves behind a family that wants to help, their savings destines them to education, health, housing, for that reason, remittances constitute a certain relief for the family group, with these funds are built dreams for a better live. In these moments of uncertainty the output is very timely the use of bitcoin, through available platforms you can send funds, without paying a high commission.

It is mentioned that in February this year, transactions were recorded through LocalBitcoins, the countries with the highest growth were: China, Mexico, Venezuela. Therefore, through the person-to-person exchange (P2P), during the past week was made $ 24 million worldwide, this is a high volume for statistics. In the case of China quintupled, for its part Venezuela remains the Latin American country with more transactions through this service.

Of course, this growth, in the case of China, the measures taken by some Exchange to suspend withdrawals of bitcoins, for 2 months, far from removing users from this cryptonnet, they sought other means, It is observed that people are using the LocalBitcoins service.

Now if you look for information in Latin America, for example, in Mexico, transactions have increased, last week went from $ 73 thousand to $ 127 thousand, that is to say there is an increase in the use of the P2P service for the sending of remittances, due to several factors, ranging from the possibility of sending funds if they cancel quotas, compared with those charged by traditional remittance companies.

When comparing the exchanges in Bitcoin, made by the Latin American countries we have: Venezuela 446, Mexico 119, Colombia 93, Chile 35, Brazil 75.

On the other hand, taking statistics has a staggering number of people currently living in the United States, the study, which is based on data from the Census Bureau, reports that the figure includes the 11.4 million who have emigrated from Mexico and The 22.3 million that were born in the United States, figures that together represent 11% of the national population, this without taking into account the people who live without the necessary documentation. These families have relatives in Mexico, some of them travel frequently to their home country, where they have relatives and send remittances frequently. The amount is very significant, the amount of remittances coming into Mexico from the United States in 2017 will remain unchanged from last year, when it reached a record level of 27 billion dollars, according to Merrill Lynch.

Now from this perspective, given the migration policy to be applied against the people who carry out different jobs on the executive part of the US, these workers left in their origin countries a family group that waits for the migrant’s help, The LocalBitcoins platform, the chances are that it will start growing, only by opening a wallet, and from a smartphone, the recipients of these funds can buy goods and services, through bitcoin, there are already buyers and sellers that with a very small margin can exchange it for Fiat money. From there, it is expected that this platform will grow.

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