Cloakcoin announces Wallet Upgrade.

Cloakcoin announces the update of its wallet services in order to provide a more private, secure and impassable service. The new version of its Wallet is called Phoenix, its creation is born due to the instability of the version of its previous wallet, this last version solves many of the problems that previously altered the system’s functionality, including stability, speed and ease in use.

This latest version will have a quick and easy wallet setup, unlike the previous version where the transactions took a long time to finish. In this version Cloakcoin Blockchain unloader will light up and it will take only two minutes to synchronize. In addition, the wallet will include the following features: an automatic wallet backup system, faster block loading, enhanced PoS validation, refactoring of the CloakShield code to reduce traffic and increase reliability, improved input selection for Enigma and an Enigma message system, a new UI option to copy transaction IDs from the history page, and a switch to LevelDB database format.

Cloakcoin decided to show an informative video where he demonstrates how the new Phoenix portfolio will be.

The demonstration, as can be seen in the video above, also introduces users with the successful working of Cloakcoin’s anonymous payment module Enigma. As the name suggests, this new protocol is a riddle, but only for those onlookers who have intentions to trace Cloakcoin users’ transactions. However, for the users themselves this feature is a blessing in disguise, allowing private transactions without revealing their identity or the recipientsthis one feature is a blessing in disguise as it allows them to make private transactions without needing reveal their or their recipients’ identity.

Image: cloakcoin

Source: newsbtc 

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