At least 10 Bitcoin ATMs have been reported stolen in the last two years.

In the last two years some 10 Bitcoin ATMs have been reported stolen, one of these machines was stolen in Canada last Sunday. It should be noted that the total value of the ten machines approaching about $ 40,000 of hardware.

A suspect entered a grocery store in Montreal, burglars broke the security door of the store called Euromarchè Latina 80 at 10:30 pm on January 22, then loaded the Bitcoin transaction machine in a vehicle. The representative of Lamassu (Machine-producing company Bitcoin), Neal Conner, said:

“This machine was subject to a common attack vector against traditional ATMs: a chain was wrapped around it and a vehicle dragged it out of the floor in which it had been anchored.”

Montreal has become something of a “blockchain hub.” The city’s Bitcoin Embassy dubs itself “the world’s first blockchain technology hub.” There are 32 bitcoin machines in Montreal dispersed throughout the city. Most of them are located in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, where the stolen Bitcoin ATM could be found until last night.

This was the last report of Btcoin tellers, but there have been about 9 more in the past, including at least three other Lamassu machines, three General Bytes machines and two BitAccess machines.

A cashier located at Village Soke in Atlanta was stolen in late 2015, another Lamassu machine was raped in Holland. Three more ATMs of General Bytes have been stolen. One, located in Norwalk and operated by Coinplug, was stolen from a Boost Mobile location. Two general byte machines were stolen in Dallas, both operated by ‘BTC Vending’. One was located in Better Bright LED Lighting, while another at a Shell station. Two Bitaccess machines have been stolen in the United States and Europe. One machine, operated by Easybit, was stolen from Warie’s Thai restaurant in the Netherlands. A second, operated by Coin Cloud, was stolen from 1 Stop Smoke Shop Vapor and Accessories in Albuquerque.

Altogether, the ten Bitcoin ATMs stolen, based on Coinatmradar data provided exclusively to, cost a lot of money. That is upwards of $40,000 worth of Bitcoin ATMs stolen since 2015, when the data begins. Bitcoin transaction machines have also been the victims of vandals in the midwestern section of the U.S. as of late.

Mr. Conner noted:

“As Bitcoin ATMs are a growing industry, there will undoubtedly be further such instances as they become more widespread. With each, we and operators learn better practices for overall security and deterrence.”

Image: pixabay

Source: news.bitcoin

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