Italian politician associates Bitcoin with mafia-controlled gambling.

Lucrezia Ricchiuti, a member of the Italian Democratic Party, said that Bitcoin is providing mafiosi with a “legal” way to enter gambling. She believes that it is possible to link bitcoin to casino operations that are run by the mafia. She also indicated that due to a rise in the use of the currency this provides an ideal avenue for the gambling industry in the country to be utilized for tax evasion.

In a press release Giochi, an Italian news site, she is reported as saying that it is possible to open a gaming site with bitcoin, giving users the opportunity to operate in the absence of controls and in complete anonymity.

She said:

“This means that more and more need to refine strategies to avoid that behind the virtual coins creep mafia for money laundering.” She adds that it’s important to strengthen the barriers to entry in the public system of the games.

It is still unknown what Ricchiuti’s next move will be. After all, there are several casinos that already accept Bitcoin. The U.K.’s NetBet became the first U.K licensed online gambling operator to accept the digital currency as payment last year. While bitcoin gambling was also approved in the Isle of Man by the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) in May last year.

These are just a few of the casinos that accept the digital currency. For now, though, it may be a long stretch for Ricchiuti to link bitcoin to the Italian mafia simply because the daily transaction of the digital currency is too low, which may not garner much interest from them.

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