Second Day of The North American Bitcoin Conference.

The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) has finished up its final day in Miami. Day two showcased a wide array of great speakers educating the crowd about the many benefits of bitcoin and its surrounding technologies.

Attendees of the Miami Bitcoin conference TNABC had a lot of energy with everyone enjoying the event’s speakers and exhibits. Day two was no different as people filled up the James L. Knight Center auditorium to learn about bitcoin. Early morning discussions included talks by Steven Sprague founder of Rivetz and Finalhash CTO Marshall Long.

Outside in the exhibit halls, visitors saw demonstrations, products, and booths from companies such as Bitt, and a new bitcoin exchange called Prescott Regency. Moreover, attendees also met with developers and saw demos from the wallet company Airbitz. Other exhibits included the Ledger team displaying their products and selling the Nano S hardware wallet at a conference discount.

Bitcoin ATM manufacturers General Bytes had a working display model on the showcase floor and also showed a preview of the company’s NFC card models. Another ATM company in attendance was Athena Bitcoin who operates two machines in the Miami area and also maintains the exchange Bitquick. Guests also saw the host of Austin-based radio broadcast The Crypto Show, an broadcast from Tone Vays and the World Crypto Network attended virtually.

Morning talks and exhibitions ended with MGT Capital’s John McAfee. Many bitcoiners were excited to hear the former U.S. presidential candidate and antivirus tycoon’s views concerning bitcoin security.

McAfee detailed how easy it is to compromise mobile phones and how bitcoin users should take better precautions than using their phones to store cryptocurrencies. McAfee explained how he would purposely interact with shady pop-ups affecting his mobile browser just to see what malicious hackers were doing.

The MGT Capital founder said he had lost thousands of dollars between four wallets just by interacting with these pop-ups. Hackers are using multiple types of keylogging techniques, and screen captures to compromise mobile phones explained McAfee. The Bitcoin community needs to get serious and put security at the forefront, said McAfee, before hackers clean sweep thousands of people’s phones. Many TNABC attendees seemed a bit shook from McAfee’s talk, and some wondered if he had a solution to the problem.

The afternoon presentations included a talk by Dean Masley of the Blockchain Education Network detailing how the group was educating college students across the world about bitcoin. One notable happening that afternoon included Masley and his Unsung co-founder Jason King prepping food to feed Miami’s hungry. The Unsung team, with the help of The Crypto Show’s host, delivered meals during the event in Miami’s inner city district.

The rest of the conference included a compelling discussion about technological disruptors from Tally Capital’s Andrew Filipowski. Charlie Shrem explained his new venture and how the ICO environment was changing for the better. Other notable speakers that ended the day included Thomas France of Ledger Wallet, Brock Pierce of Blockchain Capital, Paul Puey of Airbitz, and Justin Newton of Netki.

The conference was a giant success as many guests explained they were very happy to attend the Miami event. The Bitcoin community is growing larger by the minute, and conferences like these are educating people about the many benefits of decentralized protocols.

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