The most outstanding of Bitcoin in 2016 viewed from Infocoin.

January: UK urged to use Blockchain-style digital ledgers; “Distributed Ledger technologies have the potential to help governments raise taxes, provide benefits, passport issuance, property records with public digital registration, secure the supply chain of goods, and generally ensure integrity Of government records and services,” the report says.

February: Financial education for everyone. Bitcoin has done something that seemed impossible, that all people regardless of nationality, age, or social status are enthusiastic about learning financial, economic, mathematical, and security concepts surrounding bitcoin. It is just as important to see grow the list of companies that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. And in this regard, you may not know, but both Microsoft and Dell incorporated the new currency into their collection systems.

March: Bitcoin gained more than 70% in the last year: The digital currency could continue rising as the planned reduction of the creation of new units approaches. Bitcoins are produced by users’ computers in a process called ‘mining’, the more ‘mining’ a user makes, the more bitcoins he receives as a reward. However, from July the payment to the virtual miners will be cut in half. Also, Oh Brazil! Only smart contracts can save from corruption, this problem could have been avoided if Brazil had used smart contracts based on Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology.

April: Errors in Bitcoin transferences that can make you to lose all your funds. In this month it became very popular in social networks, recording a transaction, where a user apparently made a mistake by exchanging the amount of commission for the amount of BTC that he wanted to send. This “error” would cost you a total of 291,241BTC which converted into dollars is approximately $ 132,447, for the time of the transaction.

May: Bitcoin growth in Latin America: inflation is an evil that affects all Latin Americans, it is for all this that Bitcoin has become a savings option among its inhabitants, since its value is higher than the local currencies of each One of these countries. One can observe the acceptance of these citizens when seeing and hearing their opinions about the cryptonnet. There are many groups on Facebook that have thousands of members, making this platform grow in popularity throughout the region. Likewise, Blockchain in the Insurance Sector, the Distributed General Ledger will allow insurers and reinsurers to keep track of the claims, as well as their obligations with respect to the satisfaction of these problems.

June: How to Protect Yourself from Inflation in Venezuela?, A good alternative for the average citizen is to provide online services, depending on the profession or trade you have, such as: Graphic design, systems and applications development, consulting, courses Online, photography, therapy sessions, translation, specialized technical assistance, online support, social media management, blog writing, quality control, etc. In addition Blockchain was recognized as one of the most innovative platforms in the world; The benefits of blockchain that stood out in a forum, was its potential to significantly impact business and society through new technologies and advance in the fourth industrial revolution. Transforming also the financial industry.

July: The Halving Bitcoin is already here; The Halving is not the only factor influencing the price of Bitcoin, however its effect is likely to be quite strong, especially in the months after the event, when miners start selling their Bitcoins at a higher price, Because the payoff from their work has been cut in half. Another novelty is that, the Internet is becoming more and more entrenched in financial transactions, Bitcoin stands out as a digital currency that gives confidence to the user and that has features that make it innovative, and can be used in any country since it is not affiliated with No government entity.

August: The President of the Free Republic of Liberland announces that Bitcoin is the basis of his economy: My goal from an early age was to bring more freedom to this planet through the open mind of people. Today we have almost half a million people interested in living in a truly free country. I would like that number to increase to a couple of million next year. In turn, XAPO enables the purchase of Bitcoins in Bolívares for Venezuelan users. According to XAPO, now Venezuelans will be able to buy bitcoin and pay them in Bolívares (BsF), opening purchase orders between 25,000 and 3,000,000, BsF, Exchange will allow to deposit or transfer from all banks of the country to a Banesco account Banco Universal, also from the moment you open an order, the Live Chat is enabled.

September: Could Blockchain Reduce or Eliminate Bureaucracy? It is undeniable that blockchain technology can replace some of the manual functions performed by officials, by recording transactions. Therefore, governments around the world have begun experimenting with software, for example to register the property, it is a light administrative structure, this is documented automatically by the blockchain, with that option, it is no longer necessary to use the records Central banks. Also, Blockchain Intel’s Prototipe tested by 8 banks from the R3 Proyect. With this project it is believed that good test results demonstrate that blockchain technology is viable for trade, in real world markets, you could see a yield of 100,000 transactions per day achievable due to its scalability capabilities.

October: 10 Predictions for Bitcoin in 2017 Revealed by Barry Silbert. Bitcoin as value in the store resurges as a key theme. Bitcoin becomes more accessible to retail and institutional investors through ETF (s). Cross Border payments and remittances through Bitcoin will reach $ 1 trillion in the projection rate. The exponential growth of Bitcoin transactions in India, Japan and the Middle East. Explosion of POC blockchain centered on the supply chain. The identity competency solution heats up, but no leader emerges. SEC comes down with OIC strength. First $ 50 mm fusion and acquisition. Micropayment models materialize. The Bitcoin price at 12/31/2017 will be “higher”.

November: Blockchain could not be banned or closed according to US Attorney; According to the prosecutor, Haun, argues the following, “there is simply no way” in addition “with these technologies once the genius is out of the bottle can not be put back inside even if we could hold the developers of these technologies “Continued the prosecutor, would be” contrary to the legal system. “

December: Evidence shows that the global financial ecosystem is poised for financial collapse, banks need to withstand a severe recession, a crisis and the collapse of commodity prices or commodities, which can be presented at one time, and It is unlikely. On the other hand Waves, a decentralized platform for crowdfunding, community management and National Settlement Depository, is the official partner of the fintech section. The program develops projects for banks and their clients, investment systems, personal finance management systems, payments, peer-to-peer services, transfers and other fintech products.

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