Quantum computers may come much sooner than expected.

Computer science is one of the fastest growing fields. The progression of bitcoin mining hardware for the creation of the cryptocurrencies in 2009 is a good example. Now, the next giant leap for computing is said to be quantum computing and it may soon become a reality or at least that’s what a scientific publication specializing in computer technology claims.

As we can recall, there have been cases in the past when people have expressed doubts about the future of bitcoin once quantum computers become a reality. But the community was comfortable in assuming that the first quantum computer would be at least a decade away.

But is it a reality or is assumed?  the latest report suggests that quantum computers can become a reality by the end of 2017. Until now the research and development of quantum computing technology was limited to academia. But in recent days, IT giants like Google and Microsoft have begun to take the project seriously as they compete with each other to make quantum computers a reality.

Although quantum computing research is not new to these companies, they have actively begun recruiting experts in the field to rapidly advance their development. There has also been significant activity at the start-up scene where companies like Quantum Circuits hope to make crucial breakthroughs in the coming days.

It is to be hoped that not a few sections of the cryptocurrencies community are concerned about the implications of quantum computers throughout the ecosystem. Quantum computers with their superior processing power can potentially divert bitcoin mining. There is also concern that Bitcoin is not a quantum computational test and anyone with access to one of the devices can potentially discover public keys to deduce private keys and steal bitcoins from Wallets.

A question arise, Can quantum computers be the fatality of bitcoi? for this, the availability of standards of quantum cryptocurrency can become the savior of bitcoin, if quantum computers in fact become a reality. For now, all we can do is follow the development of technology closely and be prepared to take appropriate action when necessary. New announcements are expected.

Reference: newsbtc.com

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