Through Kurima neBitmari is planned to help the peasant women of Zimbabwe.

Zimbawe is a country that has been affected by a strong financial crisis, in light of this has launched a program to help the peasant women called Kurima neBitmari, which will help about 100 of of these in the region, This help will be used For the acquisition of materials and equipment to improve agricultural productivity and raise awareness about the adoption and use of Bitcoin. Women in the region have lost their livestock and crops have not been successful due to the drought that plagues the region, implying that the children of these farmers could not feed their children.

The project aims to create a complete agricultural value chain, according to Kelvin Mutize, a spokesman for Bitmari. He adds that the company is working to bring direct investment to the agricultural sector and to provide training and markets to sell crops across borders. Bitmari has decided to focus on women because they typically do not directly benefit from agricultural schemes in Zimbabwe, despite representing 70 percent of the agricultural labor force. Women farmers have less access to markets, assets, training and credit services than their male counterparts.

Through selected suppliers, the farmers will be able to purchase goods and services, which will be canceled with the $ 255 they will receive in Bitcoins in their personal wallets. This will encourage nominated women to use bitcoin instead of cash, and create bitcoin awareness in all rural areas of Zimbabwe. Farmers will have one year to return the funds. At the end of the year, each participant will appoint another woman and the next group of nominees will get the funds paid from the previous year.

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Source: cryptocoinsnews

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