A ransom of 200 BTC to avoid bombs explosion in a shopping center of Ukraine.

More and more opportunities are exploited by cybercriminals to use Bitcoin and thereby tarnish their reputation. There are already many occasions when these network criminals extort unsuspecting companies and people by invading their computers and thereby blackmail with private information.

An unknown individual has been threatening those in charge of a shopping center in Ukraine with exploding bombs, there are countless threats they have received, the criminal calls for ransom 200 BTC for the explosion not to take place, such threats have forced the mall to carry out 4 massive evacuations of buyers that bet in the middle of the holiday season.

The criminal has stated with forcing the evacuation until the end of the holiday season if the mall does not cancel the amount of the ransom. This situation is being investigated by the police authorities, although great progress has not yet been made to find the whereabouts of the criminal.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a shopping center receives bomb threats anonymously, only the Lviv region has received so far this year about 60 threats, according to a local news portal, authorities and managers of the shopping center are almost convinced that this is a hoax, but even they can not ignore such a threat. Whenever such a message is received, they have to evacuate the building, conduct a thorough search to ensure the safety of people. Only after careful inspection, the building will open for business.

There are many messages in which the criminal sends a bomb threat and therefore the malls are closed temporarily, affecting the business. It also ends up causing panic among people, keeping them away from shopping malls. The Ukrainian shopping center has made it clear that it will not pay the ransom of 200 BTC or negotiate with the author responsible for the threats.

Image: pixabay.com

Source: newsbtc 

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