Accenture launches new blockchain proposal for airlines.

Accenture has published a new proposal on the potential of technology blockchain in the airline industry. The global consulting giant has been studying how airlines can use technology to change the way they do business.

The characteristics of the airline industry and also the travel industry as a whole are well aligned with the capabilities of Blockchain. The traveling industry is driven by the exchange of data between multiple actors and contact points.

Each actor often requires, collects, stores and shares traveler information and there is a network of complex and seemingly endless data reconciliation that happens behind the scenes at each point of contact. With this in the airline sector, not only operational integrity and revenue generation are at stake, but also security.

“The use of blockchain technology improve reconciliation and exchange of data is a compelling value proposition for this industry. The most creative and disruptive possibilities go beyond pure financial transactions , said the statement.

Blockchain as it has been shown can be applied in security and identity protecting the privacy of data. Blockchain technology with a security wrapper creates a very different and less risky way of managing and sharing this information through the use of authorized access requirements.

“Blockchain technology will continue to take flight in the airlines over the next decade. Use cases that are not even conceived today will become everyday, reducing complexity and costs, improving travel with real-time travel experiences,” said the statement.

Blockchain also has potential in the transformation of maintenance records.

Source: Accenture , Bitcoinist 

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