Elon Musk thinks Bitcoin is a “good thing.”

Elon Musk, head of Tesla and SpaceX, joined President-elect Donald Trump’s team of Advisories, as did Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. The President-elect’s transition team announced the appointment of the Tesla executive alongside Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of Uber, on Wednesday.

In an interview available on YouTube, Mr. Musk, describes his feelings about Bitcoin.

Mr. Musk, who said he did not own Bitcoin at the time, elaborates “I think Bitcoin is probably a good thing. I think it’s primarily going to be a means of doing illegal transactions…But that’s not necessarily entirely bad. You know, some things maybe shouldn’t be illegal,”

He also added, “It will be useful for legal and illegal transactions. Otherwise, it would have no value as a use for illegal transactions. Because you have to have a legal to illegal bridge.”

According to reports, the executives discussed the repatriation of American profits still held overseas, as well as US cybersecurity and infrastructure.

President Trump sai, “America has the most innovative and vibrant companies in the world, and the pioneering CEOs joining this forum today are at the top of their fields,”  “My administration is going to work together with the private sector to improve the business climate and make it attractive for firms to create new jobs across the United States from Silicon Valley to the heartland.”

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