Perfect luxury gifts for Bitcoin millionaires on these holidays.

The nice thing about Bitcoin is that it has afforded its early investors the ability to dabble in luxury goods. Hovering now around $800, Bitcoin has posed to yet again be one of the year’s best performing assets. There’s no better reason to buy a luxury good than to give it away. So this holiday season, we wanted to create a list of those items you can purchase and have at the holidays.

  • An original version of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”, a ghost story about Christmas, is an elegant gift this holiday season for just $14,000, available on the popular luxury product for Bitcoin website Bitpremier.
  • The world’s largest piece of natural green aquamarine, according to the vendor, is listed on the Bitpremier website for more than $120,000.
  • On CryptoArt we have the sites most expensive piece, currently listed at more than $1,030 in Bitcoin for a 24 x 30in piece. Called “Patriot”, this work of art is by artist Alexander Fedosov, and, in a unique twist, is preloaded with 1/1000th of a Bitcoin.
  • Now here’s a sophisticated gift to give among your monied loved ones. But, here’s the catch: if you live in the US, you likely can’t get your hands on it. BTCC, a major Chinese bitcoin mining operation, Mint sells physical bitcoins.
  • Yeezy’s (Kanye’s branded foot wear by Adidas) can be bought for  bitcoins for someone this holiday season thanks to BitKickz. The kicks have been the source of much controversy, just like the rapper himself. Who really needs sneakers that cost hundreds of dollars anyway? Plus, the rapper said he was going to bring some $30 version of the Yeezy’s to K-Mart. Never saw those.


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