Plazabridge Group, LLC, a technology and services company specialized in development of technology, marketing innovation and services of revenue growth today announced the selection of the executive director of the firm, Teresa Spangler, to participate in inventions of the project IdeaConnection taking advantage of converging technologies as; sensors, Iot and blockchain. As one of the five international experts, Ms. Spangler handles the idea of creating innovative solutions to help large international brands revolutionize consumer products and monetization of the data. Brands sponsoring were looking for individuals able to apply a creative thinking to technologies disruptive and business models emerging.


“I am delighted to apply my experience to this challenge. I agree with the opportunity to expand the state of taking advantage of IoT, large data and sensor technology for various industries. I hope to share unique perspectives for this select International group says CEO of Plazabridge Group, Teresa Spangler.


IdeaConnection is passionate about giving its customers access to bright, timely, affordable solutions that enhance your capabilities to deliver amazing improvements for humanity. The IdeaConnection team works daily solving challenges for companies of all sizes.

IdeaConnection CEO, Scott Wurtele ended with this comment: “Teresa is an ideal participant to this challenge. We at IdeaConnection saw her depth of knowledge and versatility of experience as critical to delivering unique solutions to our clients”, “We scour the world for the best talent for our client’s projects and Teresa certainly meets our high standards.”

IdeaConnection has been solving problems since 2007 bringing together multidisciplinary teams led by classroom facilitators of the world, who develop solutions intensely investigated, innovative and profound. Using this approach, they have achieved first-class solutions for problems ranging from the science of food, chemistry, engineering, biology, game theory, science of crops, packaging, large data, consumer products and much more.

Sources: PlazabridgeGroupIdeaConnection

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