India fights “Cybercrime” with Blockchain

The government of Andhra Pradesh (AP), a state in southern India, is taking advantage of the Blockchain technology to stop cyber crime, A major police confirmed this week.

Faced with a growing number of cybercrime activities, AP’s General Director of Police has revealed that the government is the first in Asia to use Blockchain technology to control and fight cybercrime.

Although the details of Blockchain implementation are scarce, a workshop has been confirmed dedicated exclusively to educating the police about this technology. Organized by Fintech’s nascent initiative in the city of Visakhapatnam and the technology giant IBM, the workshop is part of a state-run digitization program and it is likely that forensic IT experts will work with the police to obtain An intensive course in blockchain technology.

The initiative, possibly the first in Asia, comes amid the recent demonetization campaign in the country. Last month, the Indian government, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, banned 500- and 1,000-pound notes in order to fight corruption, false monetary notes and tax evaders and return the missing money to circulation.

Since then, the Indian government has been encouraging the “cashless economy.” The government of Andhra Pradesh has also urged people to adopt cashless arrangements to deal with the cash crisis that resulted from the demonetization campaign.

Sources: Econotimes

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