According to JP Morgan it was hacked using a Bitcoin Exchange.

When criminal acts occur and affect the interests of third parties involved, guesses are initiated that are cleared when perpetrators are detained. This is why, when a financial institution such as JP Morgan Chase Bank is involved, it calls the attention of public opinion and its Since the uncertainty is not diluted.

What is certain, is the following, JP Morgan Chase fell victim to a major program of hacking and fraud a while ago. What was shown later is that an American had participated in that scheme of piracy. That is why, Joshua Aaron was arrested Wednesday this week, after joining the US, he came from Russia. This flight is part of the extradition to his country of birth, now faces several charges related to the Hack to JPMorgan Chase.

Likewise, it is known that there are a total of nine people who are under investigation for their participation in the Hack against this financial institution. This information and disclosure, announced by JPMorgan Chase, occurred in 2014, this case involving customer registration, in a total of 83 million accounts that were stolen, after almost two full years of investigating these events, Nine suspects were identified, including Joshua Aaron.

It is known that the criminals who carried out the attack against JPMorgan Chase, are involved with Bitcoin. It is also mentioned that Aaron returned to the US, voluntarily, because he was deported from Russia, also two people, men of Israeli nationality are accused for the same robbery. All the incriminated individuals attempted to “steal” 12 companies during the time they acted out of the law. There is one thing to note, during the investigation the Manhattan prosecutor declare, as Aaron worked hard and meticulous to hack computer networks Of US companies.

It is known that the theft of JP Morgan Chase is the biggest violation of personal information in the history of the United States.

Making a bit of history, which causes astonishment and is a problem, which draws attention is how this scheme dates back to 2007. It is known that more than 100 million people have had their personal financial information compromised, for a Period of seven years. As part of this scheme, the stock prices stolen, were sent through false e-mails.

Another very sensitive issue is that criminals used the information to run and manage online casinos, even running an illegal bitcoin Exchange.

Undoubtedly, this last part which causes some concern and for now, it is still not clear is that the bitcoin Exchange was operated by those involved in this crime. Investigating officials did not disclose this information, until now, of course, there are many speculations that become viral, however, it is also possible, that this indicates that these funds were washed by those involved through an Exchange of Third parties involved.

Of course, crypto-coin enthusiasts agree that the implication in bitcoin transactions is quite unfortunate and that this research has thrown a first clue, for the moment it should be noted that technology is not guilty Of the attitude of these people. At the same time, this is another example of why bitcoin is not a suitable currency for criminal activity. Contrary to what most people believe, Bitcoin, is too transparent, you can not hide the trail of money and it is easy in terms of online auditing and data unmovability, that leaves an imperishable footprint on each transaction performed. New announcements are expected.


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