Tempo Money Transfer and Stellar Blockchain Money Transferences: To Improve Remittances.

Workers and professionals from different countries migrate looking for new opportunities to develop their full potential leaving in their homes with their families who are waiting for economic aid to improve their socioeconomic conditions, in this article we will see how workers in the Philippines , Now they can send their remittances in real time.

It is mentioned that sending money from Europe to the rest of the world is still a very expensive process. It is for this reason that money transfers and blockchain technology are two pieces in the same container, that is to say that act in unison, in this sense, Money Transfer Company, a company dedicated to sending remittances from Europe, united by Stellar, and Integrated through the use of technology, users can send remittances through the Stellar electronic wallet, with the aforementioned, is an excellent example of how blockchain technology can benefit all parties involved in financial transactions.

In this sense, as a result of the partnership, Customers of Money Transfer, can send global remittances from any part of Europe, this process can do it through the electronic Stellar Wallet, the whole process is online ie in time Real, also, if the user wants it, using personal PCs. On the other hand, Coins.ph, is the first service that integrates this new functionality in full form. This allows users to send money to Philippines, using a name and a mobile phone number.

The above described, represents a great movement of money transfer by Tempo Money Transfer, therefore, the name of Coins.ph, will sound like a great bell among the enthusiasts of the cryptography, since the service that is offered to the user has Been using Bitcoin and Blockchain for quite some time. To do this, the recipients are notified by a text message, and then a dedicated account will be created automatically.

Alternatively, to apply for funds can be made through a bank transfer, request a money delivery, or can be withdrawn in cash. As described so far, for the users of Tempo Money Transfer who send money to the Philippines, these are news that help and seems incredible because of the existence of technology Blockchain and Bitcoin.

It is important to note that the choice of Stellar Blockchain technology is quite impressive, therefore, Tempo Money Transfer recognizes the potential of blockchain technology in the remittance sending industry. Stellar chose bitcoin because of its antiterrorist protocol. Another benefit to be taken into account is that transactions are settled in seconds, instead of waiting 10 minutes or more for confirmation, it is undoubtedly no one likes to wait a while for the money to become available or available And cash, so Stellar offers a better business model in this regard.

In accordance with what has been described, Tempo Money Transfer some call Storm “Storm”, it has quickly become a household name in the Philippines. Its service is accessible through 12,000 places in the country. On the other hand, its Asian presence has increased to 22,000 places of management and will be adding new spaces of physical consultation. Of course, by integrating blockchain technology into their services, they will only become an even greater player in the remittance sector across Asia.

It should not be forgotten that sending money from Europe to the rest of the world remains a very expensive service, services such as that provided by Western Union, dominate the market, despite the high fees for performing the service of each transaction. In this sense Tempo Money Transfer and Stellar reduce the fees to the minimum while offering a more convenient service in general terms. It should not be forgotten, that blockchain technology allows to cut or eliminate the intermediaries, to benefit the sender and receiver involved in any financial transaction they are happy to perform. New announcements are expected.

Source: newsbtc.com

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