Bitcoin lists at its highest rates since 2014.

The cry through the Bitcoin community today is: “I should have bought more” since cryptocurrencies have reached high prices and there were only three loses, what a delightful day on the market.

  • Bitcoin nailed it at $781.75 with a 0.04 percentage increment to be the number one cryptocurrency as of 18:00 GMT on Tuesday. It’s a great prelude to Christmas and the community is clearly excited.

  • Ethereum won’t stay behind, and with a 0.20% upward adjustment, it appears the number two crypto is going to end the year on a sound footing. It was traded for $8.43.

  • With a noteworthy fall of 1.56%, Ripple‘s trade value was only $0.006695. Well, yesterday it lost 1.83%, but it is still at number three.

  • Litecoin consolidated its 4th position by registering a 0.48% gain. Selling at $3.67, it was a 0.2% decline from Monday.

  • Monero made it up from the previous day’s listings and sold for $8. It had a positive 1.16% to stay at number five.

  • Following suit with the most impressive score for the day was Ethereum Classic. A 7.58% appreciation as against Monday’s 1.96% depreciation is highly magnificent for the cryptocurrency outfit.

  • Dash kept its 7th position with a spectacular 2.62% gain. The exchanges were offering it for $9.37.

  • However, it wasn’t good at all for Steem! Taking the biggest dip of the day, it plummeted by 18.11% with an accompanying market value of $0.159800.

  • Augur completed the loss list for today when it sank 3.05%, following a string of embarrassing performances lately. Yesterday it lost 3.20 percentage points. Exchanges listed it for $3.06 to be ranked number nine on Coinmarketcap’s top 10.

  • Comfortable at the bottom is Maidsafe posting a significant 2.67% growth rate to sell at $0.072508. Many are on the look out if NEM can dislodge Maidsafecoin again from number 10.


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