Government of UAE sponsors blockchain Hackathon.

The government of the United Arab Emirates is sponsoring a virtual hackathon dedicated to blockchain, which will count with $ 140.000 in prizes at stake. A hackathon is a term used in hackers communities to refer to a meeting of programmers, the term joins the words marathon and hacker.


Organized by AngelHack and with the technician support of CosenSys, the GovHack virtual Blockchain (as is called this event) is directed to highlight innovations that could remodel and improve the form of government local and national. The hackathon fits the summit of government, an annual meeting in Dubai that will take place in February.

Those who support the hackathon are looking for applications in areas such as the government digitized, and-identity and cities connected – concepts that Dubai has been pushing to as part of their own research on blockchain. The Foundation Dubai Future, an initiative of technology supported by the government of the emirate, said that wants to support the activity of starting blockchain as well.

Registration for hackathon of the United Arab Emirates closes on December 12th. The hackathon begins on December 15, once the approved teams are notificated, with final presentations that end no after January 8. Registration will be evaluated by a panel of experts unnamed, with points granted in the areas of creativity, design, implementation and 3

Winners of the first prize are set to carry home $ 100.000, as well as
a trip with all expenses payments for three to attend the summit of government. Winners of the second and third prize will receive $ 30.000 and $ 10.000, respectively, along with passes for those teams to the summit.

Finalists will be notified on January 13, and the winners will be announced during World Summit of Government in February.

The event is also perhaps a reflection of the rising tide of hackathons blockchain around the world. Both nascent and established companies have taken advantage of hackathons as a way to perfect both of their ideas and connect with leading companies along the way.

Source: GovTe , WorldGover

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