Workshop on the Bitcoin regulation will be held in Dubai.


The progress and popularity of Bitcoin in Dubai is very significant. The Supreme Regulatory Committee will discuss the current regulation of the Cryptocoin and as well as make new changes in that regulation. This new approach has been taken positively by the digital coins followers, so it is expected to continue to grow even more in this region. That is why next November 20 the Virtual Currency Workshop: Fact and Law will be held in there. It is expected that this regulation maintains a style that does not undermine what is now Bitcoin, this is what it is expected since in other countries have been made changes that have been negative for the consolidation of Bitcoin users.

Ahmad Bin Meshar Al Muhairi, Secretary General of the Supreme Legislative Committee said:

“The movement is part of our ongoing efforts to build a legal knowledge base in line with our strategic objectives in strengthening the legal system and developing the legislative process to achieve objective and realistic requirements for drafting a leading legislation that simulates reality And the future prospects.”

Dubai is a region that remains attentive and vigilant in the face of financial developments in the 21st century. At the same time, it recognizes the need for a project where legal obligations, duties and rights are expressed, it is worth noting that more than negatively regulating Bitcoin, This workshop will be based on raising awareness and knowledge about it. In this city they have hobnobbed with different digital currencies very different from Bitcoin, without proper regulation, which is why it is currently required that public officials be educated in the use of Bitcoin. What is quite interesting is how the officials seem Agreeing on Bitcoin is “officially recognized worldwide”.

Knowledge and information are the two key elements for establishing a productive regulatory ecosystem. Bitcoin has new trends, with great potential for growth and innovation. If all the competent authorities in Dubai realize the potential of Bitcoin, things could be very interesting in the coming years.

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Source: newsbtc 

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