World Economic Forum works on Blockchain technology.


The World Economic Forum has created a working group that will focus on Blockchain technology and this team will be led by the former President of the Republic of Estonia, this group is known as The Global Futures Council on Blockchain Technology, it will meet For the first time in Dubai this week, the main objective of the group is based on the development of governance models related to the blocks chain.

Toomas Hendrik, the former president of Estonia, will be the chairman along with Jamie Smith, who already has extensive experience in Blockchain-related jobs as well as communications and marketing director for BitFury and BitFury, a former Obama White House official. There are several prominent members of this working council, for example: Ma Jun, economist and head of the research group of the People’s Bank of China, Claire Sunderland Hay is head of Boot Accelerator Fintech of the Bank of England, it also includes representatives Of Bitcoin and Blockchain companies such as BitPesa, Everledger, Ripple and Chain, financial institutions such as Barclay and Deutsche Bank also participate.

Ilves said in a statement:

“The distributed ledger or blockchain system of preserving data integrity and security is one of the most promising new technologies to emerge in the past decade. Its full potential is only now beginning to be realized. This Council will play a leading role exploring how blockchain can be used to improve security on the internet.”

The World Economic Forum has been conducting an internal investigation on Blockchain since last year. The new group is part of a wider network of Global Agenda Boards, dedicated to issues such as climate change, as well as other areas of high technology such as AI and cybersecurity.

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