Bitcoin Boulevard Created in Paris.


The Cercle du Coin association recently announced the creation of a Bitcoin PASIS Boulevard, this would be the first of its kind in France. This initiative will help Maison Du Bitcoin to contact space with an eclectic range of merchants, craftsmen and bistros who advocate and support the Bitcoin technology. The founder and secretary of Le Cercle du Coin, said that for some time dreamed that Bitcoin had its own Boulevard, is why we focused on developing the idea. The Passage du Grand Cerf was appointed to be located in the Bitcoin Boulevard. This place is located in the heart of fashion Monorgueil.

25 stores will accept Bitcoin within the Boulevard, a creative workshop in the region will take place within the establishment. In addition it will feature artworks, decorative pieces and fashion accessories. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the famous Maison du Bitcoin (House of Bitcoin). This known space opened to visitors in 2014 offering a creative workspace for workers, an educational environment Bitcoin and an ATM in the same digital currency.

“We really wanted Paris to have its own Bitcoin Boulevard as they are called in other cities,” explains Jacques Favier, Secretary of Le Cercle du Coin. “It is important for Bitcoin’s image, as Bitcoin is something smart and subtle to understand but really easy to use.”

The concept of this Bitcoin Boulevar was developed by Maison du Bitcoin, Cercle du Coin and Bitpay. These companies want to create a focal Bitcoin point in the French city. Some of the traders involved in the Bitcoin Boulevard include Le Pas Sage, L’Illustre boutique, Marie & Benoit, De Marseille et d’ailleurs, and many more brick and mortar shops.

The association Le Coin du Circle has been strengthening the Blockchain Bitcoin and technology since its inception. 7 of The founders are involved in three different countries, not counting the 50 French members. These members are entrepreneurs, students, legislators, journalists, they pledged to support the “projects about the new distributed money, with no banks and no borders.”

This Boulevard is created with the intention that people icreasingly adopt Bitcoin, besides educating the group about this cryptocurrency. Such places have been created in other cities such as Zug Swiss and the Dutch city of Arnhem wich have also created  Bitcoin centers. Passage du Grand Cerf is another area that is very friendly to use Bitcoin, and help spread awareness of its benefits.

Image: pixabay

Source: news.bitcoin 

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