Storj partners with Heroku implementing the Platform-as-a-Service in the cloud.


Srtorj is a software project seeking to develop a next-generation cloud storage solution that improves upon existing cloud storage providers in four key areas of the service provided. Storj decentralized storage system that seeks to disrupt the cloud storage industry by dramatically lowering costs to cloud storage users.  It would do this by paying incentives to storage providers in the form of a “blockchain-based dual purpose token” that would also store information about file integrity and storage locations. It won first place in the Texas Bitcoin Conference 2014 hackathon contest, by unanimous decision.

Developed in July 2007, Heroku is a cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) supporting several programming languages and being used as a Web Application Deployment model. Therefore Heroku is said to be a polyglot platform as it lets the developer build, run and scale applications in a similar manner across all the languages – utilizing the dependencies and Profile. The Profile exposes an architectural aspect of the application and this architecture aims to help the developer scale each part independently.

Recently this two startups have partner as as Marketplace Add-on. The Storj team announced the news that it has expanded the beta-testing of its platform by implementing the Heroku cloud Platform-as-a-Service on their official blog on October 26th, 2016.

Specifically, Storj will test its service on Heroku’s Element Marketplace as an add-on. This is the cloud service’s online market that offers developers premade add-ons and other technical solutions. Moreover, It lets app developers spend their time on application code, instead of managing server infrastructure.

The team is also looking for beta-testers for the Heroku platform, during this period of beta testing, Storj will offer its services for free — just like the standalone version. The Heroku announcement comes as part of Storj Lab’s testing efforts, which it began with a public beta release of the Storj platform earlier this year.

When spoke with Storj Labs CEO, Shawn Wilkinson, about the matter earlier this year, he had this to say:

“We were connected by the Augur guys, who highly recommend Microsoft Azure BaaS, and said it was a really easy process. We already have a couple enterprises that we are currently working closely with right now and focusing our attention on. We see Azure as a playground for any enterprises to try us out, before really getting involved with us.”


Source: news.bitcoin

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