Japanese financial institution, launches platform for Digital Currencies


Japanese financial services Group SBI will launch from 01 November, a platform that will allow trade and the exchange of virtual currencies, thought of creating this project because of the growth that has taken Bitcoin to be taken into account by investors. According to the announcement the company is named SBI virtual Currencies Co. Will be held the city of Tokyo. It was revealed through the press release sent by the company that the factors behind the effort of traditional financial institution is aperturar an exchange of digital currencies.

“In recent years, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, have attracted much interest and have been covered in the mainstream media. And also they marketed actively. “

Notably, there are still few details known about this project, it is expected that at the beginning of next month the coordinates and other steps for those interested in the new platform could be known. SBI has shown great interest in the digital currencies ecosystem. Earlier this year the firm made a record funding round for BitFlyer investments, with the collaboration of OSI it grossed a total of $ 27 million for new capital to the Bitcoin exchange.

Japan is interested in investing in the Fintech industry, especially with Bitcoin and Blockchain companies, it has made a remarkable progress following the regulations relaxed by the authorities in the country. Earlier this year, Japanese regulators said to discuss the proposals to try Bitcoin and other virtual currencies like the equivalent of any decree or traditional currency. This idea became a reality when the Japanese cabinet approved a bill to officially recognize the digital currencies as real money in March 2016.

From there it made the call for the regulation of Bitcoin industry in Japan. SBI sees this type of regulatory measures by the authorities as a recognition of digital coins which makes them much more manageable, manipulable and observed by government agencies.

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