Spain: AMETIC suggests the creation of a Digital Economy Ministry.

The overturning that has given the economy world  with the penetration of technology has resulted remarkably across the board involved in this system.  The breakthrough of coin, in this case digital bring to implement a work mechanism that some companies give approval to this group.

Europe has been characterized for being receptive to this type of technologies mentioned above. Although we must not ignore the warning issued by the European Central Bank that wants EU lawmakers strengthen the proposed new rules on digital currencies like bitcoin, fearing that one day may weaken their own control over the money supply in the euro zone.

The digital transformation includes a series of events for which has passed the economy, since the appearance of bitcoin that brought the Blockchain technology in 2009 to applications developed by banks for cellular phone to perform different types of transactions (payments and transfers) supossed the fact of a transformation of the economy into digital but we can not completely say that because we have to consider other aspects such as manufacturing and marketing strategies, for example.



In Spain, the Multisectoral electronics business association, technologies information and communication, telecommunications and digital content (AMETIC), has affected in the need for the new government that will be expected in next days include the creation of a Ministry of economy and digital society, since the digitization of the economy must be between priorities of any executive. In their proposal document, details the possible structure that could have this ministry, which would be composed of three Secretaries of State: Digital Markets, Digital and Digital Industry Transformation said the digital site Europa Press.

Specifically, the Secretary of state of the digital market would be responsible for defining the strategy on scan for Spain, including the regulatory framework, the advocacy Spanish in the European Union (EU) and digital agenda, both Spanish as European. Finally, the Digital  Industry Secretary of state is responsible promoting the ICT sector as driver of the economy digital and would include electronics industry, industry of information technology, networks and telecommunications industry of services and digital content, I + D & I digital (investment and collaboration public-private), cyber security and digital talent.

Ametic says that boosting the digitization of the country should be one of the action “priorities” of the government for improved competitiveness in the creation of stable jobs and quality and economic growth. “Given the impact that has the digitization in the growth of economy, being in a level below the EU average and of the countries of our economic environment puts Spain in a situation unfavorable,” warns the Association.

in this sense, it adds that is shown that in advanced economies there is a direct correlation between digital economy and GDP (GDP). according to the world economic forum, an increase of 10% in the index digitization of a country generates an increase of a 0,75% in the GDP per capita and a decrease of 1,02% in the unemployment rate.

Source: Europa Press

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