Scotland Capital will mount a conference about Blockchain technology.


Blockchain technology and bitcoin, are conquering spaces in many countries, from a financial perspective the diferent governments show interest in the cryptocurrency. This may represent economic freedom and decision-making in economics that many people long waited for. The reality is that financial capital, through the Central Banks can handle the value of currencies and submit through policies to weaker countries, this is what may be happening in Scotland.

That is why, Edinburgh, Capital Politics of Scotland, plans to hold its own conference on blockchain technology, information provided by the media The Scotsman. The conference is named ScotChain16 and will be held on November 11 this year, in it world leaders familiar with this technology will be present, this will be the first blockchain conference, it will performed at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Gogarburn home.

On the other hand, Michael Young executive director of MBN Solution, based in Glasgow, one of the event organizers, said this is the first time for many blockchain companies to gather in Scotland, to help people understand the blockchain technology.

He added, “We hope this event can illustrate how to lead the way in this important technology area, for a country like Scotland.”

Equally, there are other conference organizers including, Spiritus Partners, RBS, Deloitte, R3CEV, BigchainDB and Blockstream.

It is mentioned that it is necessary to seize the market, therefore, Scotland, believes that the potential of this new technology can have on its econom, and is one of the reasons why this conference is being formed.

Not only that, but according to the media information about The Scotsman academics from the University of Strathclyde, a public university, a leader in research in Glasgow, Scotland, found that if new inventions are not taken it could be lost, most probably 14,000 jobs, and that represent 635 million pounds in wages.

There is information from Daniel Broby, director of the University Innovation Center and the Financial Regulations of Strathclyde. That over the next ten years it is expected that about 15,000 jobs will be created in Scotland, innovating in the Fintech field.

In what we have no doubt, is that for many this event will help stimulate interest in technology blockchain business and also how you can implement to advance new projects.

It is expected that the Conference of ScotChain16, explains issues where financial services, healthcare, insurance, management of the supply chain, and will include digital rights will be discussed. It is expected that this conference will be the platform to catapult Scotland, a power in blockchain.

There is data that shows that Scotland likes to embrace new technologies. There is no fear about facing the challenges, last year, the Scottish MP, as a state institution, had given a name to the digital currency, they called the ScotPound, it was experienced in the country in an attempt to break the British Pound.

Undoubtedly there have been several calls within Scotland, to leave the British Pound and choose their own digital currency. Not only that, but the country went so far as to show its openness to the digital currency, reported a Glasgow Pub, reportedly it began to accept the Scotcoin digital currency as payment.

However, despite the enthusiasm behind the Scotcoin, if Scotland would break with the UK, supporters of digital currency need to increase their value to raise its low value, otherwise there would be an increase in the cost of life.

The next conference ScotChain16, will try to improve conditions in Scotland and make it the next blockcahin technology power and Scotcoin digital currency, could increase its value if built new Fintech to provide added value to their wealth, this is achieved with work, innovation, creativity, among other possibilities.  New adds are expected.


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