With MasterCard customers expedite operations with instant messaging.

Economies with digitization are facing many challenges where the productivity of it gets always questioned. Currently this mechanism that portends a new era for the twenty-first century marks the fact creating models of trade that are more agile with the creation of technologies like Blockchain.

The potential of blockchain has achieved impact, some experts believe this technology would be the solution in a future very next. Some banks are considering taking the blockchain pattern thanks to the security this guarantees for transactions and another factor not less important, is the speed of the same as this makes it easy.

Parallel to this scenary, banks are being bold in designing applications for mobile phones and even credit card companies which are not far behind. Among the companies that have been news is the Mastercard giant who has announced the launch of “chatbot” platforms of artificial intelligence, which will allow consumers to make transferences, manage their finances and make purchases through instant messaging applications like Facebook Messenger.


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How does it works?

The company explained that it has developed two platforms ‘bots’ for both businesses and for banks, which use ‘chat’ services, messaging and natural language interfaces to communicate directly with consumers.

In this way, the MasterCard “partners”, especially financial institutions and shops, can directly dialogue to their customers and provide a individualized uninterrupted service and offer customized promotions, emphasizes the website Banking News. During the 20/20 Money Congress , which takes place in Las Vegas, a senior vice president of Commerce for Every Device Mastercard, Kiki del Valle, it explained that these applications can help improve the consumer experience.

Therefore, Mastercard Labs has been testing the product integration and key company services in different messaging applications. “Now, we have advanced to the next stage, with the development of ‘chatbots’ that are already integrated naturally in the daily life of consumers. In this way, we help our partners to foster more direct business relationships with its customers,” stated Del Valle.

Mastercard executive explained that Mastercard Bot for banks expand the services it offers its cardholders messaging applications and convert the information and financial decisions in a part of everyday life of the consumer. For the pilot phase, the company has partnered with Kasisto, a firm that facilitates interaction between companies and consumers through virtual assistants and ‘bots’ conversational. Currently it is within the Start program Global Path.

So far, the connectivity that the bank has or the case of credit cards companies to its customers has also been influenced by the shift to the digital age that are giving financial activities in this area where it is expected that customers try to stay on line.

Source: Noticias Bancarias

Mastercard lanza plataformas ‘chatbot’

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