WebMoney expands its purse’s list to receive payments in Bitcoin.


WebMoney recently announced its support for Bitcoin through a new support, this will allow merchants to accept payments in that cryptocurrency customers whose are not registered in the WebMoney platform. This latest addition enables merchants using “WebMoney Merchant Service” accept payments without having to go through different steps, as it was done in the previous version. With this new release you can accept the digital currency in their wallets, Z-purse for the US dollar; R-purse for the Russian Ruble and U-purse for the Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Each time a customer wants to cancel Bitcoin equivalent to the respective fiat money will be credited to the linked account to the merchant. So it will get an additional form of payment and save itself the trouble for some kind of integration.

Minister of Finance of Russia, announced that it will review the current draft law in consultation with experts in cryptocoins. However, there are other government agencies that want to end the digital currencies. Local Bitcoins few weeks ago – the leading peer to peer exchange platform cryptocurrency was banned in the country. While the Russian financial sector is rather reluctant to cryptocurrencies, the central bank and other banking and financial institutions are more open to their underlying technology. The Russian banking consortium is currently working on developing Blockchain based solutions for their operations.

About WebMoney:

WebMoney is an international system of receipts and payments, is also a means for managing business on the net, which is in the market since 1998. During this period more than 32 million people already part of the system throughout the world. The WebMoney system includes services that allow keeping accounts, make changes from one currency to another, apply for financing, resolve disputes and secure transactions. WebMoney technology is to provide the participants in the system, within unique interfaces, direct control of their rights to their assets, which are stored in special institutions, guarantors.

System users can open any number of purses in any Guarantor is why for purses comfort of a user, these are assembled in a warehouse (keeper), with the user’s registration number. The unit of measurement of the economic rights to assets is the owner WebMoney (WM) mark the corresponding type. To interact with members of the system, each member provides their personal data required, which are reviewed and tested through distributive WM Verification Service. Based on the transactions of property rights exchange with other members, for each member of the public system parameter is calculated. Business Level (Business Level).

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