Monero and its ups and downs for being an anonymous currency.


Monero, the anonymous cryptocurrency has increased in value over the last couple of months. However recently, the price has dropped from its highest value since the community experienced unexpected rumors. Throughout these months Monero has remained a valuable asset to the sixth largest market capitalization and despite this slight drop still having a significant volume of operations.

Monero (XMR) is an open source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 that focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability. Unlike many cryptocoins that are derived from Bitcoin, Monero is based on CryptoNote algorithmic protocol and has important differences related to blockchain.

Despite these negative news the community also received positive news this week. In October 11, the purse Monero Jaxx announced that soon will be integrated into their platforms. Jaxx CEO, Anthony Di Iorio said: “Great news for Monero! My Apple contact called to say Monero (XMR) is officially approved for App Store.”, Jaxx announced that it will integrate XMR in nine platforms, including iOS.

On the other hand, the October 10 popular dark red “SIGAINT” XMR announced that it would include in its system. The email service of this platform is a service widely used and developers have begun a Tor server for Monero transactions. This platform protects user data with encryption techniques and protection using the Tor anonymous network. There is a free service for SIGAINT and a paid subscription. The platform had accepted Bitcoin and litecoin in the past, and now accepts XMR.

The anonymous currency and its way to Privacy and Fungibility 

Privacy and Fungibility were hot topics for those attending the recent Bitcoin scale event in Milan, many cryptocurrencies are trying to achieve certain anonymity, including Dash, DarkSilk, Zcash, among others. Monero developers believe their project is on track and the community continue its efforts. A few days ago it was launched a new video called “What is Monero?” This describes the functionality of the cryptocurrency. While Monero certainly has had some mishaps on the way from its recent price rise, the community and developers remain loyal to it.


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