Polish government interested in Bitcoin.


Poland’s government conducted an open debate about Bitcoin. This was broadcast live, giving attendees and viewers the opportunity to hear from experts in cryptocoins express their concerns and discuss the current climate in the country for innovations in digital currencies. Member of Parliament and economist Miroslaw Suchoň organize this meeting. Significantly, it is the first of its kind in the country. Beside it Bitcoin experts, academics, lawyers, economists and government officials were presented. All came together to discuss about Bitcoin.

Academic Dr. Konrad Zacharzewski, Dr. Krzysztof Piech and Prof. Marian Srebrny; legal experts Jacek Czarnecki and Dr. Krzysztof Korus; Maciej Jędrzejczyk IBM business advisor Tomasz Kibil, and Polish society Bitcoin representantesFilip Pawczyński and Lech Wilczyński also participated.

The Polish government appeared to be “very interested” in the matter according to BitBay the most popular of cryptocurrency exchange in the country. Bitcoin is legal to use in Poland but is treated as property so there’s a surprise; regulation was a major concern. The company explained in a press release:

“It is important to recognize that new technologies must be regulated by law in a way that will not hurt investors and so the debate was very important for Bitcoin enthusiasts in Poland.”

State officials said the country should contribute to the growth of new cryptocurrency companies, allowing Poland to embrace the potentially disruptive technology rather than wait for other countries to take the lead.

BitBay CEO stressed the need to cooperate with government institutions to give opportunity to all persons whose are wishing to get into Bitcoin. In return, the government could provide new businesses with Bitcoin critical data currently lacking. Doing that it could help detect fraud and Bitcoin could do business more transparent which facilitates growth.

This debate was a unique approach to the legislation of the Criptocoins in Poland. Ministry of Administration and Digitization of Poland is currently working with a group of specialists on a project called “Blockchain and current cryptocurrencies.” The objective is to facilitate the development of market cryptocurrency digital security and e-government solutions. In addition, the project will educate the public business support, and develop new ways to make a cryptocurrencies, a better method, safer and faster payment in the future.

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Source:  news.bitcoin 

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