Blockchain already is in the United Nations.


Blockchain technology is conquering space, its versatility is used by states and progressive governments who see the possibility of solving the most diligent problems to provide safety, comfort, security of data tenure, among other advantages. Now the United Nations has the great idea of building a test lab that will be used for remittances and other applications.

Equally, the global development network of the United Nations is carrying out a series of projects focused on blockchain this activity is carried out through the institution called “Alternative Financing Lab” this is an effort started last year, also, the United Nations Development Programme is experimenting with applications targeted at microfinance as a tool for sending remittances.

In another vein, the work is outlined in detail since last month the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Blog Post, this is written by members of the Alternative Financing Lab. Laboratory Managers report that have partnered with developers of Serbia and Moldova to carry out projects in the blockchain technology efforts will expand to meet what is planned in the coming months.

It was also reported in the Blog post that there is a particular interest in using blockchain technology for funds exchange, therefore, the Laboratory representatives wrote in the news media the following “When it comes to answer the emergency UNDP, on the use of blockchain, we have the feeling that this technology could provide a more effective way to transfer and tracking of funds, also can arise strategies in real time, with what may be happening in the context this means that it is a work in progress, what happens to us are very excited. “

Is important to highlight that what was expressed in the blog post last month, is not the first time that the UNDP has expressed interest in the Distributed Ledger technology, for money transferences. In May, the organization said, that was looking for partners to develop a money delivery system based on Bitcoin. In this information means the following thing is highlighted “The field of global development needs access to an entity or system that is scalable, secure, flexible, cost effective, and sustainable over time.”

Another thing that can be rescued from the blog post, is that it is not only in the institution called, Alternative Financing Lab, an institution belonging to the UN World Community, which is looking to make possible blockchain applications. Earlier this year, the United Nations Fund for Children Protection began soliciting spaces for projects which technology could be applied to and in August they announced that were in process of looking for blockchain professional developers.

There is a whole possibility for Distributed Ledger Technology, can help lower the cost of money transferences from the United Nations. Dear reader, you can leave us your impressions in writing, your comments is our biggest prize, Do you believe that blockchain technology can help institutions to solve problems such as money transferences at low cost? Why? What other applications would you might give to this wonderful technology? Please leave your impressions in writing, here in this media. Thank you so much.

Reference: Coindesk

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