Spanish utilities company creates laboratory for Blockchain technology.

Talking about Blockchain technology is to highlight the qualities that this system has being the bitcoin assistant that has opened up opportunities in the financial world. The blockchain can be upgraded from all shared agreement parts it means that is a new form of data storage. Currently, further references of both bitcoin and Blockchain can be found on the subject of banking and finance as these have been revolutionized in large extent by demonstrating that its effectiveness is immediate.

Theres no need to set aside payments and transferences since the blockchain system can achieve the connection between payers and beneficiaries without intermediaries representing the decrease in costs. The blockchain has a number of possibilities to develop new applications looking to make systems more secure in data verification without the intervention of a third part.

Ideas about what to create from Blokchain have been increasing. The latest so far is that the Spanish company originally called ENDESA which operates in the electricity and gas sectors of the region, has launched the first laboratory in the industry focused on “blockchain technology” with the aim of obtaining new applications and using cases for customers benefit, the company said.



This energy lab is open to all kinds of participants (companies, individuals, researchers, startups, universities, research organizations, etc.) and any geographical point. The collection of applications to join the initiative will begin on November 1.  The final selection of projects will be from February 1 to March 31, 2016 and on April 1 the chosen projects will be announced, highlights the website EuropaPress.

This event make reference to the importance that Blockchain technology is reaching in the diferent sectors of the European region. The Bitcoin creators and therefore the derivative Blockchain are experiencing the results of an ambitious project that can be called futuristic and so far seems to be the north of the financial world and security. In relation to those who will regulate from the legal point of view, this system will then be subject to scope what each country achieve by implementing this technology.

Source: EuropaPress

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