creates a new telegram channel.

t_logo aims to be the the number one hotspot where everyone can have access to all information related to Bitcoin; as technological advances, curiosities and other details. This time the news team has decided to create a telegram channel that broadcast a history of news that will keep users aware of what happens with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

They have created a new telegram channel which displays a history of all daily offered holders. Users interested in this channel should join the channel to obtain all the information published on This is the link where you can go to it  Telegram Channel was created to educate the masses about cryptocurrency’s benefits and advantages, Trusting decentralization, peer-to-peer networks, and open source code. Since then, they’ve added how-to sections for wallets and buying Bitcoin. It also has in its platform a gambling system and additionally have added new forums  where people can discuss blockchains and cryptocurrency into a censorship-free area.

Note that this platform provides up-to-date news announcements and important events that are related to Bitcoin. All this in order to keep their readers informed about the Blockchain and Bitcoin universe.

Image: telegram 

Source: news.bitcoin 

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