Purse Introduces ‘BCoin’ a Javascript-based Bitcoin Library.


Purse assures this is a solution to help it manage wallet infrastructure without creating a “menace to the Bitcoin network.”  “We just want to make Bitcoin great again,” the company said about its latest announcement.

The startup’s first crypto-currency offering was in discounts for Amazon. To accomplish this, Purse built its own infrastructure. The main issue proved to be finding a way to manage the wallet infrastructure. The startup acknowledged its work on Core proved inefficient due to that client’s codebase, and other third party bitcoin API services just couldn’t perform well enough or scale efficiently.

In search of a solution to it the firm has introduced Bcoin; a Javascript Bitcoin library aimed at simplifying Bitcoin coding. Purse believes it has accomplished the “most advanced fullnode Bitcoin implementation.”

The company said its new aplication doesn’t aim to go against the wisdom of Satoshi. Instead, Purse sees Bcoin as an important application for the future of the Bitcoin, providing it with needed infrastructure.

This is what the company wrote through a press release:

“Having a full node implementation that we can utilize and build off of here at Purse is crucial for the success of our future products, and ensures our infrastructure can take advantage of new additions to the Bitcoin codebase as they become available.”

Purse also described his goal as follows:

“To accelerate the development of the protocol  —  solve some scaling issues by implementing Lightning, and enable cool features that will allow for new use cases, like for instance, smart contracts.”

Seeking to achieve this goal, the firm brought on former BitPay employee Christopher Jeffrey, who helped build Bcoin. According to Purse, Bcoin represents infrastructure for the entire ecosystem.

“Bcoin is the most versatile and easy-to-use bitcoin library to date,” the company said, “with support for Segwit, Lightning, and Schnorr signatures — and other popular new BIPs.” said the firm.

Bcoin offers the following:

  • blockchain validation
  • SPV mode
  • running natively in browsers and apps
  • a wallet system and wallet database
  • MEMPool/Miner
  • rest API
  • support for Segwit
  • Lightning Network
  • Versionbits
  • CSV
  • BIP70, BIP151, BIP152, BIP150, and MAST.

Image: Pixabay

Source: Bitcoin.com

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