May Blockchain help building the paperless office?


Technology and innovation are linked to human thinking, their ideas can help improve everyone’s life quality, this improvement can also help nature. To avoid such distressing phenomenoms such as large forested areas desertification, industrialization hasn’t been or hasn’t wanted to think about ecosystems and living organisms that have rights, right now there is a whole debate on how to eliminate the printing of paper documents, large companies photocopied worldwide produce their wealth under this modality.

In this sense, the blockchain technology coupled with bitcoin can improve the tendency to go into the disappearance of photocopied documents so rooted in the thought of man working in the office. If we take as an example a study made by the company, Xerox Corp. employs a team of ethnographers to study why people print in the office, says Andy Jones; the head of workflow automation of the company. His research reveals that “there are many work practices and attitudes that are rooted in the operation of enterprises,” which makes the change also difficult for great companies. When Shane asked respondents why they made 40% of the impressions they did and they were not essential to their work, the most common answer was simply “they like paper”.

Therefore; using this small example the solution can be transferred to an education, addressed to all employees of corporations. Now the answer moves to the use of technologies such as digital signatures as collaboration tools based on cloud as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs are transformed into standard. It is to find that the digital medium is something easy to understand and assimilate so education from the corporation is important and that it also radiates all employees, it is a job that researchers say it may take between 15 to 20 years to see a change in cognitive filter in all members of companies.

From the point of view of being able to break paradigms, some changes can be perceived, the proof is that large financial corporations are already coming together to go into a business run on the blockchain platform, as the R3 CEV group, which brings together the world’s largest banks, too. It is already in studies to avoid paper money printing and going to digital coins which maintenance costs are very low.

In the case of corporate offices and smaller companies, they can do it as seen in the newspaper article, the trend is result of the progress of all types of business from technological unicorns as DocuSing Inc, the largest company in the segment of digital signatures, there is a boom of tablets and mobile devices. This is a change that takes a little more time, because lot of business are done much more ad hoc and it is complicated; this is what most people perceive. In this segment the blockchain technology can offer one of the many ways of making business, the Book of Distributed Accounting it can avoid paper printing, cut costs paid by users, the important thing is that entrepreneurs discover all these possibilities, education towards new technologies can help changes.

What can’t be denied is that the consumption of paper for printing of documents, books, catalogs, magazines, adds, among others, is very high, if its growth continues, large forests of wood destinated to paper industry may disappear and with it, the people who depend on its greenery and splendor. Studies say that the persistence of printouts in the workplace 60% of which are not optional are a result of business processes that change very slowly. Small and medium enterprises have been slower in getting rid of paperit means, completely digitize their workflows. Right now with the rise of paper for photocopying companies are seeing the need to innovating to generate new ways of presenting information.

Therefore; education towar new blockchain technologies, that information can get more clearly and at a low price, in terms of the mass of knowledge can change the perception, educational institutions since the early years can show how to make a network collaborative work within the educational business organizations to go towards eliminating printing and to have a paperless office, which at the end of the process take up space and becomes impossible to then check, because of the extensive physical files and that nobody remembers where is it filed. The modern office from enterprises and institutions can make efforts to achieve saving forests aimed at making the role then discarded because it was unnecessary printing. Blockchain may have the answer for the required option of a paperless office.

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