Blockchain could save Richness from the Mining Arch of Orinoco.


Venezuela since 1998 has received an untold wealth, figures finance experts are settle at more than $600 billion, investments in these currencies were destined to projects of housing construction, highways, infrastructure large works, various missions to help those most needed, in sum it is a whole lot of financial resources, is all this credible?, It is because is appreciated when it passes through several cities, the works are on view now missing for citizens in one voice say that it’s true!, expenses are present, what is lacking is transparency. Blockchain technology and bitcoin, is proven to provide; Data tenure, public audit, neatness, trust, among other possibilities.

The media state say low oil prices is caused by the US Empire, to bring down the economy of Russia, Iran and Venezuela, is to put knees to OPEC, to these now the Venezuelan state events, reports that the Mining Arch of Orinoco, has to be exploited, for greater investment in the economy, the resources that are removed from the sale of strategic minerals such as gold, bauxite, diamonds, coltan, iron, among the most prominent, the question that arises is, can the same thing happen?, the answer is yes; transparency is not presented as to the amount of the minerals extracted and subsequent sale, then submit accounts to the public, do not stay in promises to avoid, assumptions, uncertainty, suspicion, the Blockchain technology can offer auditable information, so it can be accessed online, so people can be informed immediately, as demanded by the Constitutional Precepts. What is not acceptable is that the information is not provided by the state, national security. If this keeps happening uncertainty and distrust of the authorities will not disappear.

In this sense, when palpable events occur as the low oil price averaged $100 per barrel to 20%, the Venezuelan economy is driven by a huge earthquake, with consequences that are still perceived, the savings of workers disappear, poverty increases, prices of goods and services can not afford consumers, questions arise, the citizen think that alouding dollar currencies have to spend right now, the reality is that for the day 15/09/2016, according to figures from the Central Bank of Venezuela, the State Reserves, are $ 11,928 million, then the media President Nicolas Maduro said no!, dollars so companies wishing to bring their produce dollars.

So many questions, so much money that entered state coffers and not enough to move the machinery of production, companies always asked currencies and the state’s assigned, suddenly there are no more foreign exchange resources, the economy enters hyperinflation, salaries, wages, pensions are insufficient, the solution is a wage increase plus a bonus power, sesta ticket, to protect the working class, now, it is announced that the oil rentier must disappear and suddenly, there is a custom of more than 60 years, they have lived from oil and the state says it can not take that model. Of course there is great uncertainty and distrust by all active players in the economic fact.

In this sense if it is investigated, little or nothing is said about the Plan of the Mining Arch of Orinoco, proposed by the National Executive. On the street people often ignore the subject. They allege that some have heard, most do not know what the project is all about. In February this year President Nicolas Maduro said, “activating the Mining Arch of Orinoco area 114,000 square kilometers in Bolivar State, which has great potential for the extraction of gold, copper, diamonds, coltan, iron, bauxite and other mineral of high industrial value” reviewed the portal,

The history ofthe Mining Arch of Orinoco dates back to the decree issued by President Hugo Chavez in 2008, now by low oil prices it brings out this possibility again, there are many questions to be answered, such as environmental impact, pollution of protected areas, it is clear that you will need to remove large amounts of sediment, soil, ecosystem, may suffer, but the highlight is that can be made, so that there is real transparency, the answer may lie in technology blockchain and bitcoin, extraction and marketing that corresponds to each transnational and the State enterprise must be registered in the Ledger Distributed, to be consulted by the public and protect a non-renewable resource that can be converted into a heritage for future generations, to avoid mismanagement.

As additional information we have some data to perceive the wealth behind these lands. Gold price for the day 09/16/2016, Oz is quoted at $ 1309.71 per gram to $ 42.11, if we take a figure provided by the media consulted, where he states that the mining arc, as studies, has about 200 million tons of bauxite and 44,000 tons between gold and diamonds, among these three minerals by a multiplication can perceive the incalculable wealth that houses the bowels of the earth, now, the legend of “Dorado” was sought by the European empires in the nineteenth century comes true therefore necessary transparency, neatness, trust, eliminate uncertainty, so that the Venezuelan economy enrumbe paths of certainty and this can only be achieved with the Blockchain technology, is a proposal for our readers and for the Venezuelan State represented on the prominence of Citizenship, the results can be optimal if there is a real public audit, with the Distributed Ledger. It is expected for new ads.


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