Facebook allows In-App Payments through its Messenger chat.


The social networking giant, Facebook, announced that now its Messenger users can make payments to chatbots directly from the application without the need to resort to third party websites. Messenger users in the US can send payments within the application, but is not yet available to make purchases at online stores.

Last Monday, Facebook messaging head David Marcus, added payment features conference TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 which also spoke about the new update v1.2 Messenger.

This application has more than one billion users in 200 countries, with approximately 30,000 robots to interact with users to promote and sell products. Despite this progress, Facebook has yet to show any initiative or action to integrate digital currencies on its payment system.

The Facebook Messenger payment system still not fully accessible, these are only available to US residents, those wishing to use the system must be over 18 years old and have Debit cards Visa and Mastercard issued by banks can only be used in the United States .

Such restrictions take afloat some of the problems still facing online payments and money transferences, despite the many advances made in mobile technology.

It is these restrictions that the world needs Bitcoin, it does not require personal information or bank documents, also it does not have a minimum age, it means that is accessible to anyone who wants it. For these reasons, besides its nature of electronic money, it is the preferred choice for many mobile users.

Chat applications such as integrated payments Gliph Bitcoins for years, have not reached the levels of mass adoption yet.

Apple included on its list of currencies 9 cryptocoins, Bitcoin is expecting that similarly the payment system Facebook Messenger evolve in the same way and go paving the way for the acceptance of the crypto community.

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Source: Bitcoin.com

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