Apple approves three other cryptocoins on iOS App Store.


Lisk, Digicash and Steem cryptocoins were added to the list of payments in the App Store. The technology giant Apple has been very demanding about the issue with digital currencies and it was this Sept. 12 when the company made the announcement that the three cryptocoins would start being accepted.

After removing two cryptocoins last week, Apple left in confusion to the crypto community. However, the number of digital coins accepted by the platform is up to nine. previous discussions, Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio with Apple revealed the first six approved tabs: Bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, Ethereum, DAO, and ripple.

Jaxx CEO learned of the newest additions on Monday September, 12th. 

“On monday we learned that apple permits apps using nine specific digital currencies, critical information to the crypto community. at jaxx, we’ve been committed to supporting a global blockchain ecosystem. every day our developers work to build a consistent infrastructure across blockchains and across platforms. to that end, the insight we have gleaned from apple thus far has been invaluable, and we hope to learn more about apple’s policies and procedures for blockchain in the near future.”

He told press.

He also mentioned that the Android wallets still supporting currencies not approved by iOS. Since its launching in June 2016 Jaxx, multiple cryptocurrency folder has become very popular. The team said Jaxx, Ethereum Classic and Dash fans can continue using these chips in Android, Google Chrome and FireFox devices. This platform has been the choice for more than 40,000 users since its inception.

The list of cryptocoins accepted by the Apple company is interesting, leaving the members of this community in expectation regarding what will be the next to be added.

Although there were many doubts if Apple would accept Bitcoin transactions through its native application, it turned out to be true. Apple’s decision is to allow the circle within the iMessage platform; this was reason for joy to Bitcoiners with this technology; the company demonstrated its enthusiasm for social media.

Jaxx and many other third-party platforms will be interested in more in-depth knowledge about the process of Apple decision making. At this point, it remains unclear why the company has chosen some coins, but rejected others.

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