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Europol (the enforcement agency of the higher law of the European Union) co-founded a new working group that is dedicated to digital currencies. The initiative is being led by Interpol, the intergovernmental organization focused on law enforcement and the Basel Institute on Governance, a nonprofit group focused on financial crimes in the public and private sector.

The working group will involve the organization with collaborative workshops and a global network of experts in the field. Europol through an express statement as follows, “Internet technologies become continuously more advanced, and so do the ways in which criminals utilize them for their illicit and illegal activities. Among these technologies, digital currencies are already transforming the criminal underworld.”

Europol and Interpol have spent much of the last year working on issues realated to digital currencies, an association that has witnessed the two groups that organize conferences and training sessions aimed at global lawmen. More recently, Europol signed an agreement with the boot Blockchain Chainalysis in an attempt to expand its capacity to monitor digital currency transactions.


The European Police Office (commonly abbreviated Europol) is the law enforcement agency of the European Union (EU). This organization is institutionalized on judicial cooperation. As preconditions for this cooperation the opening of national borders as a direct consequence of the free movement of people and progress towards full European integration in the field of justice, culminating in a joint action against crime by creating a European police. The reality of this joint action has borne fruit with the creation of a Schengen Information System, as it facilitates the exchange of information between national police forces of the Member States under the control of a national office, Sirene, which controls the validity of information transmitted.


The International Criminal Police Organization is the largest international police organization, with 190 member countries, which is the world’s second largest international organization, only behind the United Nations. Created in 1923 under the name of International Criminal Police Commission, it took the common name of Interpol from its telegraphic address. Its mission is the police communication for a safer world and therefore supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services whose aim is to prevent or combat international crime.

Basel Institute of Governance:

The Basel Institute on Governance is an independent non-profit competition that works around the world with the public and private sectors to combat corruption and other financial crimes and improve the quality of governance. The Basel Institute is an Associate Institute of the University of Basel.

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